The Best Zumba Shoes | Reviews for 2023

best zumba shoes

Zumba has become a popular dance and cardio activity in the past few years. It is a fun and engaging way to exercise without getting bored. It can be so much fun that it might not even feel like exercise. Zumba dance classes are offered to people of all ages, ranging from young children to the older generation. Zumba involves dancing to upbeat, fast-paced music. It is a preferred and enjoyable cardio exercise for people.

To help you decide which pair to buy, below I will be evaluating eight different pairs manufactured and made by the five brands I review towards the end of this page. I will discuss the pros of each pair of shoes as well as paraphrase some actual customer reviews.

The Top 8 Zumba Shoes for 2023:

Ryka Women’s Dynamic 2 Cross-Training Shoe

On Amazon, these shoes range from $42.00-$82.29. These shoes are an update to a previous model, and according to the company have made major improvements. There is more support (that can also be adjusted) and has “breathable mesh” that keeps your feet from overheating. There is also a cushion for your soles to keep you comfortable while you move.

The average customer rating was 4.3/5 stars. Customers rave how they would buy the shoes again. Customers even shared how they were perfect for Zumba classes.

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe

The next pair of shoes are also from Ryka: the Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe. These range from about $39 to an even $100. Their Influence type shoes have something called “Flex-Foil” that helps to support your feet while you move. They carry strong arch support and a cushy foam midsole to keep you comfy, along with a pivot point to help keep your movements natural.

This pair had a slightly lower rating of 4.1/5 stars. Customers recount how their Zumba instructors recommended this pair and loved them, while others claim that there needs to be way more cushioning and that the foot padding had thinned out on them.

Nike “Women’s Flex RN Running Shoe”

3. Nike’s Women’s Flex RN Running Shoe ranges from almost $57 to an even $250 depending on your size and what color scheme you pick. Made out of lightweight mesh, they have a “webbing system” that helps keep your feet comfortable and able to breathe. The shoe is also cushiony and “articulated flex grooves” that allow your movements to be natural and comfortable.

Nike’s shoe gets an average rating of 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. 80% of customers reported that their shoes fit as expected and were a good shoe for running. Customers also said that they didn’t provide all that much support.

Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker

4. Bloch’s Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker comes at a lower price, ranging from $54 to about $76. The shoe has a lightweight mesh, so it’s comfortable and has a split sole that ensures flexibility and a good fit.

These sneakers received an average rating of 4.1/5 stars. Only 57% of customers, however, reported that the shoes had an exact fit to them. Reviews claim that there’s great cushioning in these shoes, but support? Not so much.

Bloch Wave Dance Sneaker

5. The next one is also from Bloch. Their Wave Dance Sneaker at almost $60. It is a high-performance dance shoe that has a lightweight multilayer sole that acts as a shock absorber. There is also enhanced arch support to help the user maintain control and balance.

The customer reviews are 4/5 stars. They advised anyone these shoes are perfect for dance lessons but to buy them half a size larger. Otherwise, they were satisfied with the product.

Ryka Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

6. Going back to Ryka, they produce the Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe. Advertised as a shoe that was made for the gym as well as going out on the streets, it is lightweight and provides a good cushion and heel support. To ensure comfort and fit for the user, it comes with an adjustable strap.

Customers rave how these shoes are perfect for Zumba, as well as aerobics, and received a positive 4.5/5 star rating. Other clients, however, say that there was little cushioning to keep them comfortable while they moved.

Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Sneaker

7. Zumba’s brand includes their Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Sneaker. The company claims that the shoes are lightweight and features two pivot points to help you move more easily.

The shoes were given a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon with customers saying that there wasn’t that much support, but were very comfortable and indeed lightweight.

Zumba Women’s Flex Classic Sneaker

8. Zumba also comes with their Women’s Flex Classic Sneaker. This sneaker’s price ranges from about $69 to an even $90 and is “dance-ready.” They’re flexible and support the user’s arch and balance.

These Zumba brand shoes received a slightly lower rating than the pump mentioned before. A customer reported that only 64% of their shoes had an actual true-to-size fit. Some customers say that these are the best shoes they’ve ever had for Zumba, while others write how they were painful to wear.

Choosing what Zumba shoe you want can be a difficult task. You want to make sure that you are paying for a quality shoe that is comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and can support you. Consider your options for your footwear and good luck!

Of course, when you are exercising or working out, you also want to make sure that you have the right clothes for your workout. Having and wearing the right shoes makes all the difference in both your comfort and ability when being active. Zumba shoes should possess certain qualities and characteristics to make sure that you spent your money well and that you get what you paid for.

What To Look For In A Zumba Shoe

A quality pair of Zumba shoes should be breathable, comfortable, lightweight, and stable/supportable. Your Zumba shoes should also be worth whatever they may cost. A pair of good Zumba shoes should be let your feet breathe as you work out; they shouldn’t restrain you or be too tight where you can’t move. They should be comfortable since you’ll be on your feet for at least half an hour!

You also want your Zumba shoes to be lightweight for two reasons:

  1. So that when you’re picking your feet up off the ground, you don’t feel like you’ve got a cinder block attached to your foot
  2. When you leave from work or from a day of running errands, they’re not an extra burden.

As with any shoe aficionado, you want to make sure that your shoes are made out of quality material. You want your Zumba shoes to last you as long as possible.

With any active footwear, there is going to be a selection of different shoes that you can choose from. Companies make a broad range of different shoes depending on various needs or characteristics—from what kind of support the person needs to even the color combination. With an extensive selection, there will come competition between different brands for your money and customer loyalty. They will be advertising all different kinds of perks or special qualities that their shoes may possess.

The Top Brands

There are a few bestseller brands that are acclaimed and credited with being regular Zumba shoes. These brands include Nike, Ryka, New Balance, Bloch, and the Zumba company themselves.


Nike is probably the most famous and well-known manufacturer of athletic shoes and activewear. Nike has been around for a while—known for their “Just Do It” slogan to encourage people to exercise and workout more. The company has been a huge success since 1964, and now owns other big name brands like Converse and Hurley.


Ryka is centered and aimed at manufacturing and selling its products to women. Their tagline, after all, is “A Woman Only Sports Company.” This fact is an advantage because they specialize in just the woman’s body. In fact, they get into precise detail when they discuss their woman-specialized products.

New Balance

New Balance products are also probably one of the more well-known brands like Nike. The company has been around much longer than Nike and has been serving customers for over 100 years. The company boasts how they are the right mix of functionality and looking fashionable and will always manufacture their products in the United States.


Bloch is a brand that specializes in just dance footwear and activewear, and they have been since 1932. This fact could be an advantage because they know the different types of dance genres there are. A brand that specializes in dancing footwear and activewear will know how the feet move and what will support and be the most comfortable for the dancer.


Finally, there is the Zumba line themselves. They offer and have their line of Zumba dancing specialized shoes. The company should know how to design their shoes since they also choreograph and organize the dance routines!

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What Are Zumba Shoes Used For?

That brings us to why and what people use Zumba shoes for. While it may seem obvious and that it is a given that one of the main uses for the specialized shoes are for Zumba classes—people may use them for other reasons as well.

There is no reason why Zumba shoes can’t be used for other purposes! They can also be used for cross-training and other high-intensity cardio training. If you are unfamiliar with what either cross-training or high-intensity training is, it is when a person trains in more than one sport at a time to improve in their primary or preferred sport. High-intensity training (you may see it abbreviated as HIT on gym equipment or online) is a form of strength training.

Zumba shoes could also just be used as regular old fitness or running wear shoes at the gym or for a jog. Also, people may enjoy them because they are a comfortable pair of sneakers that they can wear all throughout the day during their busy lives and schedules.

Check out the video review of Zumba shoes below!