What Are The Best Dance Shoes for a Zumba Workout?

So: you have just signed up for your first Zumba class. You’ve got your cute but functional sports bra and leggings ready. But you forget one key and important part of your outfit: the shoes! You cannot wear just any type of sneaker or shoe to Zumba class. Your Zumba shoes should do you a few things while your dance your butt off. Your Zumba shoes should have a few individual characteristics to make sure that you’re comfortable while you get down.

They should:

  • fit well,
  • have a pivot point,
  • be lightweight,
  • have shock absorption,
  • have a split sole,
  • be breathable,
  • and most importantly, be comfortable and support you.


Your Zumba shoes should fit you well. There should not be a need for you to “break” them in. It is important that you try the shoes on and make sure that they aren’t too snug, but at the same time won’t fly off as you kick your leg into the air! You’ll want to make sure that your Zumba shoes fit securely, but aren’t constraining or pinching your feet.

Pivot Point

Pivot points are important, especially in a high intensive dance class like Zumba. Pivot points allow for you to have the most natural movement possible. These let your feet twist and turn to the beat without injuring yourself, as well as help you glide across the dance floor.


Zumba shoes should be lightweight! There are two good reasons for this: 1) you don’t want to carry around heavy shoes if you’re hitting the gym up after work or school, and 2) you don’t want your feet feeling clunky as you work out. Having a hefty pair of shoes in your job or backpack isn’t any fun, and adds more weight than you should have to deal with. While you’re in the studio, you won’t want to feel dragged down by your shoes as you raise your legs or jump around.

Shock Absorption

This characteristic is crucial for a good pair of Zumba shoes. You’ll want your shoes to be shock absorbing so when you jump high in the air, your landing will be cushioned and won’t harshly affect your joints. When you land from a higher altitude, the shock of it gets to your bones, making them weaker.

Split Sole

Split soles are exactly what they sound like: it’s when the sole is divided into two pieces. There is usually a toe and heel pad in place. Having a split sole in a Zumba shoe is excellent because it allows for the foot to be more flexible, permitting freer movements during Zumba.


Your feet need to be able to breathe as they dance for that 45 minute class period. Certain shoes made for Zumba or dance classes will say that they are made with mesh material. Mesh is good because it will allow your feet to breath and not be constrained in the shoe.

Comfort and Support

The most important factors when choosing your Zumba shoe are comfort and support. You want to ensure that while they have all these extra bells and whistles that they fit well. You want to be comfortable as you move. A lot of this goes back to how it fits. You need to make sure that your shoes also support your movements as you dance.