Best Sneakers For Dancing Hip Hop

There isn’t a particular type of shoe that is to be considered a hip-hop dance shoe. Athletic shoes mostly bought by the sports brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Vans and the likes for dance fitness classes.

When choosing a pair of shoes for dancing, comfort should be ranked first. It is crucial because dancing may be vigorous at times and may demand a sneaker with extra protection like insole padding so that his/her foot will be protected when performing demanding hip hop dance moves.

Having said that nevertheless, design and the fashion of the shoes are also significant if dancers are using the pair for dance recitals, showcases or performances. Are there shoes that meet both the comfort and style condition? You bet. Let’s take a look at the trend styles in hip-hop culture.

Vans Original Classic

Vans are great because they’re not expensive, they’re attractive and brilliant. They have tons of varieties that are available, but they are uniform enough that you understand that they will fit and could get your entire squad a pair. A great alternative if you do not need to spend a lot but still want to look good.

Reebok Dance Trainers

Level sole for a perfect balance between slide and grip. These are becoming more and rare, so while they made the list, finding them in a shop might not be easy.

You can find them for a low price on Amazon online. They come in many colors and textures and are easily transferred from dancewear to streetwear.

Adidas Classics

Adidas originals are the original hip hop shoes. From high tops to shell toes dancers. Adidas offers lots of colors and absurd style, which is why they are so popular. These can be commonly seen worn by many celebs.


Nike Dunks

Nike Dunks are amazing shoes because they have a flat sole that is perfect for gliding and slipping across the floor but offer enough grasp so you won’t slip. They are light, breathable, and have colors and great varieties. You can’t go wrong with a Nike dance shoe.