Nike Zumba Shoes for Dancing

Nike is one of the most popular shoe manufacturers out there on the markets. Their shoes are trusted by all different kinds of athletes. While they used to have a shoe specifically and specialized for Zumba, those have unfortunately been taken off the market. They, however, have shoes on the line that could perfect for Zumba classes. Any pair of Nike shoes could be perfect for almost any kind of activity. Now, a pair of Zumba shoes should be

  • lightweight,
  • comfortable,
  • breathable,
  • durable,
  • and fit well.

Nike has a few pairs of shoes that claim to do just that while you work out and dance! I’ll be reviewing three different pairs of Nikes by discussing how they are designed and what customers are saying about them.

Women’s Nike Studio Trainer Print Shoes

nike women studio trainer print shoesThe shoes look both functional and fashionable. You have four different color scheme options to choose from. These shoes are made from synthetic-and-mesh, which means that they will be more flexible to the way your feet move. Flexibility is perfect, especially during a Zumba class. It also means that it is breathable, so you won’t have to worry about discomfort while you move around! The mesh also makes sure that your feet stay cool as you exercise, so no chaffing occurs. Finally, the sole is made from rubber. Rubber ensures that you can move as freely as you want and for all kinds of dance motions.

Out of 5 stars, these shoes were given a 4.2 on Amazon. Customer reports say that 79% of the shoes had fit as expected. Some clients reviewed that the shoes were super comfortable, lightweight, and work correctly for Zumba. Other customers, however, said that there was a narrow fit to them and not a lot of arch support.

Women’s Nike Studio Trainer Training Shoe

nike women studio trainerThis pair of shoes comes in a black color scheme and a gray color scheme. Compared to the Trainer Prints, these are made from synthetic-and-leather and also has a rubber sole. What makes this shoe different, is that it is seamless. So it moves with how your feet and body move to make your legs stronger and abler. The shoe also emphasizes its flexibility. There is also a pivot point to make your dance moves feel natural, and rubber at the toe and heel for a better grip.

This pair received a lower rating with 4.1/5 stars. Customers advise that while these shoes are high in flexibility, they were not good for Zumba since it lacks support.

Women’s Nike Sideline II Insert Training Shoe

nike women sidelineThis pair of Nike’s are only made from synthetic but have the rubber sole that the others possess. This shoe is all about flexibility and comfort. There is midsole that offers cushion, and is, at the same time, lightweight. The shoes also have grooves and pivot points that allow for more natural movements.

This pair only gets 3.5/5 stars on Amazon. Customers have said that these shoes are perfect for Zumba, other dance classes, and especially, cheerleading. Other clients mention how the shoes are rather uncomfortable.

Nike is a reputable brand, and of course, each pair of shoes will feel different for each customer. It is a matter of trial and error until you find those perfect shoes for Zumba!